Definition of Deciduous tooth

1. Noun. One of the first temporary teeth of a young mammal (one of 20 in children).

Exact synonyms: Baby Tooth, Milk Tooth, Primary Tooth
Group relationships: Child's Body
Generic synonyms: Tooth

Definition of Deciduous tooth

1. Noun. A baby tooth, a tooth that falls out as later teeth grow in; milk tooth ¹

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Medical Definition of Deciduous tooth

1. A tooth of the first set of teeth, comprising 20 in all, that erupts between the mean ages of 6 and 28 months of life. Synonym: dens deciduus, baby tooth, deciduous dentition, dens lacteus, first dentition, milk tooth, primary dentition, primary tooth, temporary tooth. (05 Mar 2000)

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Literary usage of Deciduous tooth

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Anatomy, Descriptive and Applied by Henry Gray (1913)
"After birth each cavity becomes subdivided, so as to form separate loculi (the future alveoli) for the deciduous tooth and its corresponding permanent tooth ..."

2. The Exterior of the Horse by Armand Goubaux, Gustave Barrier (1904)
"There results, in ordinary cases, from the relation which is established between the posterior face of the deciduous tooth and the crown of the replacing ..."

3. The International Journal of Orthodontia (1916)
"... it is not to be expected that correcting the rotation of a deciduous tooth will have any influence on the permanent tooth. as in the absorption of the ..."

4. American Journal of Dental Science by American Society of Dental Surgeons (1876)
"... nevertheless, the cases are so common in which the absorbed portion of the deciduous tooth corresponds so accurately with the new crown, ..."

5. Anatomy of the Human Body by Henry Gray (1918)
"As the crown of the permanent tooth grows, absorption of these bony partitions and of the root of the deciduous tooth takes place, through the agency of ..."

6. Dental Anatomy by Martin Dewey (1916)
"The root of the deciduous tooth under normal conditions is absorbed as the ... As the pulp cavity of the deciduous tooth concerns us only during the life of ..."

7. An Introduction to the Mammalian Dentition by Thomas Wingate Todd (1918)
"The deciduous tooth is molariform and is therefore unlike its successor. ... Possibly the deciduous tooth is really one of the permanent molar series ..."

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