Definition of Decrease

1. Noun. A change downward. "There was a sharp drop-off in sales"

Exact synonyms: Drop-off, Lessening
Generic synonyms: Alteration, Change, Modification
Specialized synonyms: Shrinkage, Shrinking, Casualty, Sinking, Attrition, Dwindling, Dwindling Away, Waning
Antonyms: Increase
Derivative terms: Drop Off

2. Verb. Decrease in size, extent, or range. "His voice fell to a whisper"

3. Noun. A process of becoming smaller or shorter.

4. Verb. Make smaller. "He decreased his staff"

5. Noun. The amount by which something decreases.
Exact synonyms: Decrement
Generic synonyms: Amount
Specialized synonyms: Dip, Drop, Fall, Free Fall, Shrinkage
Antonyms: Increase

6. Noun. The act of decreasing or reducing something.

Definition of Decrease

1. v. i. To grow less, -- opposed to increase; to be diminished gradually, in size, degree, number, duration, etc., or in strength, quality, or excellence; as, they days decrease in length from June to December.

2. v. t. To cause to grow less; to diminish gradually; as, extravagance decreases one's means.

3. n. A becoming less; gradual diminution; decay; as, a decrease of revenue or of strength.

Definition of Decrease

1. Verb. (intransitive) Of a quantity, to become smaller. ¹

2. Verb. (transitive) To make (a quantity) smaller. ¹

3. Noun. An amount by which a quantity is decreased. ¹

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Definition of Decrease

1. to diminish [v -CREASED, -CREASING, -CREASES] - See also: diminish

Medical Definition of Decrease

1. To grow less, opposed to increase; to be diminished gradually, in size, degree, number, duration, etc, or in strength, quality, or excellence; as, they days decrease in length from June to December. "He must increase, but I must decrease." (John III. 30) Synonym: To Decrease, Diminish. Things usually decrease or fall off by degrees, and from within, or through some cause which is imperceptible; as, the flood decreases; the cold decreases; their affection has decreased. Things commonly diminish by an influence from without, or one which is apparent; as, the army was diminished by disease; his property is diminishing through extravagance; their affection has diminished since their separation their separation. The turn of thought, however, is often such that these words may be interchanged. "The olive leaf, which certainly them told The flood decreased." (Drayton) "Crete's ample fields diminish to our eye; Before the Boreal blasts the vessels fly." (Pope) Origin: OE. Decrecen, fr. OF. Decreistre, F. Decroitre, or from the OF. Noun (see Decrease,), fr. L. Decrescere to grow less; de + crescere to grow. See Crescent, and cf. Increase. Source: Websters Dictionary (01 Mar 1998)

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Literary usage of Decrease

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

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"612 Increase, 6i DOMINICA—Population 1821, 15.446 1825, 14746 Apparent decrease, 700 1821-1825, Exported, 293 Manumitted, 157 4-50 Real decrease, ..."

2. Annual Report by Cincinnati (Ohio), Board of Education, Cincinnati Public Schools, Cincinnati (Ohio). Board of Education (1889)
"In average number of teachers employed— Female teachers, a decrease of 2 Male ... In number of pupils enrolled in— District grades, a decrease of 374 ..."

3. The American Journal of Psychology by Granville Stanley Hall, Edward Bradford Titchener (1893)
"decrease relatively to one another, with increase in the lengths of the normal ... In group m of OR, for example, this decrease rather increases with the ..."

4. Report by North Dakota State Budget Board (1912)
"For this same period Cass, Griggs, Pembina, Traill, Richland, Walsh, Wells, Ransom and Towner show a decrease in both personal and real property. ..."

5. Educational Psychology by Edward Lee Thorndike (1921)
"CHAPTER II THE decrease IN EFFICIENCY OF A SINGLE FUNCTION UNDER CONTINUOUS EXERCISE The term efficiency is used here to refer to the quantity and quality ..."

6. Botanical Gazette by University of Chicago, JSTOR (Organization) (1916)
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7. Science by American Association for the Advancement of Science (1917)
"The explanation that suggests itself for the decrease in the catalase of the blood produced during chloroform and ether anesthesia is the direct destruction ..."

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