Definition of Deliveries

1. Noun. (plural of delivery) ¹

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Definition of Deliveries

1. delivery [n] - See also: delivery

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Literary usage of Deliveries

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. South Eastern Reporter by West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals, West Publishing Company, South Carolina Supreme Court (1922)
"In reply to that letter, she advised them of her Intention to insist upon the deliveries according to contract and to take legal action if necessary to ..."

2. Lessons Learned from the California Drought (1987-1992): National Study of by Benedykt Dziegielewski, Hari P. Garbharran, John F. Langowski, Jr. (1997)
"Total SWP deliveries (entitlement and other deliveries) in 1991 were 47 percent ... CVP deliveries Central Valley Project water deliveries are divided into ..."

3. The American Office: Its Organization, Management and Records by John William Schulze (1914)
"It covers the handling of mail, exchanges, and generally the deliveries of a banking and brokerage concern. METHOD OF HANDLING deliveries (1) SECRETARIAT ..."

4. Mine Accounting and Cost Principles by Thomas Orrin McGrath (1921)
"As deliveries are made a reduction of like amount must be made in the Sales Accounts in order that the records of sales may be correct and that the amount ..."

5. Report of the Commissioner of Corporations on Cotton Exchanges by United States Bureau of Corporations, Herbert Knox Smith (1908)
"deliveries in the New Orleans market are, as a rule, much less mixed than at ... Direct comparison of deliveries in the two markets can not be made for the ..."

6. Principles of Government Purchasing by Arthur G. Thomas (1919)
"Lastly, in very few governmental organizations does there obtain a sufficient centralization of deliveries to make adequate inspection practicable. ..."

7. Papers and Proceedings of the ... General Meeting of the American Library by General Meeting, American Library Association (1898)
"deliveries. The simplest form of delivery is not a station, but a home delivery by messenger such as is in operation at the Mercantile Library of New York. ..."

8. Cost Accounting: Principles and Practice by John Packard Jordan, Gould Leach Harris (1920)
"It should be done in a spirit which recognizes that tardy deliveries are often due to ... Savings by Keeping deliveries Within Contract Limits Stock records ..."

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