Definition of Dental care

1. Noun. Care for the teeth.

Generic synonyms: Aid, Attention, Care, Tending
Specialized synonyms: Brush, Brushing

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Literary usage of Dental care

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Health Status of Minorities & Low Income Groups by DIANE Publishing Company, Dept. of Health and Human Services, United States (1991)
"(23) Even if Medicaid does play a role in narrowing coverage differences between racial/ ethnic groups, it appears that inadequate coverage of dental care ..."

2. Private Health Insurance in OECD Countries by OECD Health Project, OECD., Oecd, SourceOECD (Online service) (2004)
"Hospital care, GP/Primary care (co-payment or deductible in some cases), specialist care; Pharmaceuticals (deductible in some cases); dental care ..."

3. Federal Benefits for Veterans and Dependents (1993)
"(d) Veterans who were prisoners of war for more than 90 days can receive complete dental care. (e) Veterans can receive complete dental care if they are ..."

4. Healthy People 2000: National Health Promotion & Disease Prevention by DIANE Publishing Company (2004)
"Although oral health status has been improving, especially in children, expenditures for dental care totaled more than $27 billion in ..."

5. Bound for Good Health: A Collection of Age Pages (1993)
"For information on dental research and general dental care, write to the National Institute of Dental Research, Building 31, ..."

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