Definition of Dental practice

1. Noun. The practice of dentistry.

Generic synonyms: Practice

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Literary usage of Dental practice

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Journal of the British Dental Association by British Dental Association (1902)
"Antiseptics in dental practice. READ BEFORE THE NORTH MIDLAND BRANCH, ... The original title, Antiseptics in dental practice, has been extended ;c include ..."

2. Dominion Dental Journal (1906)
"THE dental practice. The latest addition in dental periodical literature is the dental practice, published in Toronto by Dr. Young, a physician, ..."

3. Community Dental Service, Dental Needs and Dental Facilities with Special by Michael Marks Davis, Mary Cromwell Jarrett (1922)
"CHAPTER III DENTAL FACILITIES AND dental practice The different dental needs of adults and children have very different relations to the private practice of ..."

4. Hygiene, Dental and General by Clair Elsmere Turner, William Rice (1920)
"DISINFECTION IN dental practice Hands.—All dirt should be removed and the tissues kept in a soft condition; short nails are easier to keep clean. ..."

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