Definition of Dentin

1. Noun. A calcareous material harder and denser than bone that comprises the bulk of a tooth.

Exact synonyms: Dentine
Generic synonyms: Animal Material
Specialized synonyms: Ivory, Tusk

2. Noun. Bone (calcified tissue) surrounding the pulp cavity of a tooth.
Exact synonyms: Dentine
Generic synonyms: Bone, Os
Group relationships: Tooth

Definition of Dentin

1. Noun. The hard, dense calcareous material that makes up the bulk of a tooth ¹

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Definition of Dentin

1. the hard substance forming the body of a tooth [n -S] : DENTINAL [adj]

Medical Definition of Dentin

1. The calcified tissue below the enamel, enclosing the cavity of the tooth containing the pulp chamber and root canals. (08 Jan 1998)

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Literary usage of Dentin

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Clinical Rheumatology: A Problem-oriented Approach to Diagnosis and Management by Roland W. Moskowitz (1921)
"THE dentin. THE dentin may be defined as a connective tissue whose intercellular ... The Function of the dentin.—The dentin makes up the mass of the tooth, ..."

2. A Practical Treatise on Artificial Crown-, Bridge-, and Porcelain-work by George Evans (1920)
"The tubuli are then deprived of vital circulation, except along the lines of the outer portion of the dentin, where, in the interzonal layer, ..."

3. Mouth Hygiene: A Text-book for Dental Hygienists by Alfred Civilion Fones (1921)
"CARIES OF dentin. When the enamel has been penetrated and a cavity has thus beer formed, invasion of the dentin rapidly follows. Caries of the dentin ..."

4. The Practice of Dentistry: A Practical Treatise Upon the Generalpractice of by Leo Greenbaum, Max Greenbaum (1912)
"Normal dentin is not without sensation. Its degree of sensitivity is not high, but nevertheless cannot correctly be considered in a negative sense. ..."

5. Anatomy and Histology of the Mouth and Teeth by Isaac Norman Broomell, Philipp Fischelis (1917)
"CHAPTER VIII Development of the Teeth—The Dental Germs, Enamel Organ, and dentin Organ; the Dental Follicle; Calcification and Eruption DEVELOPMENT OF THE ..."

6. Rudiments of Pathological Histology by Carl Wedl (1855)
"The tubules of the osteo-dentin (B, d) following the direction shown in the shading of the figure, appeared to be continuous, in many places, with those of ..."

7. A Text-book of physiological chemistry: For Students of Medicine and Physicians by Charles Edmund SSimon (1904)
"The dentin of the teeth is a peculiarly modified form of bone- tissue, ... The cement which surrounds the dentin of the root as far as the neck of the tooth ..."

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