Definition of Dependencies

1. Noun. (plural of dependency) ¹

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Definition of Dependencies

1. dependency [n] - See also: dependency

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Literary usage of Dependencies

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Fifty Years of the English Constitution, 1830-1880 by Sheldon Amos (1880)
"In the case, however, of all the other classes of dependencies in the aggregate ... The bringing of dependencies (such as British India and the Hudson's Bay ..."

2. Elements of Political Science by Stephen Leacock (1906)
"The Acquisition of dependencies. — 2. Colonies of the Ancient World. — 3. ... The Acquisition of dependencies. Taking the word colony in its widest sense to ..."

3. A Historical Geography of the British Colonies by Charles Prestwood Lucas (1906)
"In 1901 the total population of these dependencies was estimated at 1697 , tne island of Diego Garcia had the largest number of inhabitants (526), ..."

4. Some Roads Towards Peace: A Report to the Trustees of the Endowment on by Charles William Eliot (1913)
"Comparative Legislation in Western dependencies in the Far East In respect to the above seven well-recognized means (ag) of promoting well-being and ..."

5. The Journal of Geology by University of Chicago Department of Geology and Paleontology (1907)
"VALLEY dependencies OF THE SCIOTO ILLINOIAN LOBE IN LICKING COUNTY, ... 2), just north of this convexity, in the valley dependencies reaching beyond the ..."

6. The Controversy Over Neutral Rights Between the United States and France by John Chandler Bancroft Davis (1917)
"... of the dependencies thereof, shall be, and from and after the second day of March next, is hereby prohibited and farther suspended, excepting only in ..."

7. The Constitutional History of England Since the Accession of George the by Thomas Erskine May (1875)
"Other parts of the British empire have — from the con- dependencies ditions of ... Of all the dependencies of the British crown, India is the India. most ..."

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