Definition of Depth bomb

1. Noun. A bomb that explodes at a preset depth under water; antisubmarine device.

Exact synonyms: Depth Charge
Generic synonyms: Bomb

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Literary usage of Depth bomb

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A History of the Transport Service: Adventures and Experiences of United by Albert Gleaves (1921)
"A large transport is not as handy, however, in maneuvering into position to drop a depth bomb as is a quick turning destroyer, and to overcome this handicap ..."

2. Winning a Cause: World War Stories by John Gilbert Thompson, Inez Bigwood (1919)
"... FIGHTING A depth bomb ALL who have read of the sinking of the Lusitania by a ... but many do not know that the depth bomb is even more destructive and ..."

3. Blue Jackets of 1918: Being the Story of the Work of the American Navy in by Willis John Abbot (1921)
"The depth bomb.—The listening device or hydroplane.—Submarine chasers and college crews. ... depth bomb ..."

4. Holyoke in the Great War by Charles Sumner Zack (1919)
"To understand the great danger of a depth bomb, it is necessary to explain its ... The depth bomb was let loose and started rolling around the decks. ..."

5. Inventions of the Great War by Alexander Russell Bond (1919)
"A depth-bomb mortar and a set of "ash cans" at the stern of an American destroyer . . . 257 A depth bomb mortar in action and a depth bomb snapped as it is ..."

6. Two Thousand Questions and Answers about the War: A Catechism of the Methods by The Review of reviews (1918)
"Q.—Suppose the depth-bomb does not hit the submarine? A.—It will explode anyway. Depth- bombs are provided with an appliance that is set to go off ..."

7. The New York Times Current History (1919)
"Among other stories of the navy's part in the great war, he told that of the depth bomb. ... told me the story of how the depth bomb came into being. ..."

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