Definition of Descriptor

1. Noun. The phonological or orthographic sound or appearance of a word that can be used to describe or identify something. "The inflected forms of a word can be represented by a stem and a list of inflections to be attached"

Exact synonyms: Form, Signifier, Word Form
Category relationships: Linguistics
Generic synonyms: Word
Specialized synonyms: Plural, Plural Form, Singular, Singular Form, Ghost Word, Base, Radical, Root, Root Word, Stem, Theme, Etymon, Root, Citation Form, Entry Word, Main Entry Word, Abbreviation, Acronym
Derivative terms: Signify

2. Noun. A piece of stored information that is used to identify an item in an information storage and retrieval system.
Generic synonyms: Information
Category relationships: Computer Science, Computing

Definition of Descriptor

1. Noun. (computing) The name of a category of data in an information storage and retrieval system. ¹

2. Noun. (information science) A word that describes the subject of an article or book. ¹

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Definition of Descriptor

1. [n -S]

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Literary usage of Descriptor

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances, Rtecs: A Comprehensive Guide edited by Doris V. Sweet (1993)
"Compound descriptor Codes (Data Type N). For each data type "N" code found in position 10, a one-letter code appears in column 14. ..."

2. SAS 9.1.3 Language Reference: Concepts by SAS Institute (2005)
"A SAS data set also contains descriptor information such as the data types and lengths of the variables, as well as which engine was used to create the data ..."

3. SAS/ACCESS(R) 9.1 Interface to CA-Datacom/DB:: Reference by Institute SAS Institute (2004)
"The list is written to the SAS log. run; writes the view descriptor when the RUN ... Updating descriptor Files This section describes how to update existing ..."

4. SAS/ACCESS(R) 9.1 Interface to ADABAS:: Reference by SAS Institute, Institute SAS Institute (2004)
"Deleting records when the view descriptor or ADABAS data contains periodic ... Effects of Changing an ADABAS File or NATURAL DDM on descriptor Files Changes ..."

5. The London Journal of Botany by Sir William Jackson Hooker (1845)
"... descriptor illustrates, edidit CHRISTIANUS LEHMANN. vol. \,fasc. 1. Hamburg, 1844. The botanical treasures of Western Australia have lately been ..."

6. SAS/ACCESS(R) 9.1 Interface to SYSTEM 2000:: Reference by SAS Institute, Institute SAS Institute (2004)
"An access descriptor contains information about the SYSTEM 2000 database that you ... An access descriptor also contains SAS information, such as the SAS ..."

7. SAS/ACCESS(R) 9.1 Interface to IMS:: Reference by SAS Institute, Institute SAS Institute (2004)
"This section uses examples to show you how to create and edit descriptor files. ... From this database, the examples create an access descriptor. ..."

8. SAS/ACCESS(R) 9.1 Interface to PC Files:: Reference by SAS Institute, Institute SAS Institute (2004)
"There are two kinds of descriptor files: access descriptors and view descriptors. ... Access descriptors An access descriptor holds essential information ..."

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