Definition of Desert rat

1. Noun. Any of various leaping rodents of desert regions of North America and Mexico; largest members of the family Heteromyidae.

Exact synonyms: Dipodomys Phillipsii, Kangaroo Rat
Generic synonyms: Pocket Rat
Group relationships: Dipodomys, Genus Dipodomys
Specialized synonyms: Dipodomys Ordi, Ord Kangaroo Rat

Definition of Desert rat

1. Noun. A jerboa, including species such as ''Jaculus orientalis'' and the Lesser Egyptian Jerboa ''Jaculus jaculus'', which inhabit the desert regions of North Africa. ¹

2. Noun. A British or Australian soldier who served in North Africa with the British 7th Armoured Division in 1941-42. ¹

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Literary usage of Desert rat

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Sunset by Southern Pacific Company, Southern Pacific Company. Passenger Dept (1914)
"Mr. Adler, then, was a desert rat, one of those curious old-or-young nicknamed-or- nameless bits of alcohol-logged flotsam and jetsam that float on the ..."

2. A Catalogue of the Mammalia in the Museum of the Hon. East-India Company by Thomas Horsfield, East India Company Museum (1851)
"It is doubtless the ' desert rat' mentioned by the late Captain Arthur Conolly, in his Overland Journey to India (p. 54, Vol. I.)."—(Hutton, Rough Notes on ..."

3. Desert Dancing: Exploring the Land, the People, the Legends of the by Len Wilcox (2000)
"The stereotype desert rat prospects alone, a hermit whose mule today is a Jeep with ... I'ma born desert rat, and I invite you to come along to some of my ..."

4. California Desert Trails by Joseph Smeaton Chase (1919)
"... poor land — Two-Bunch Palms — A plucky woman-settler — Thirsty poultry —"Desert rat" and poet — Pottery fragments — San Jacinto and San Bernardino ..."

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