Definition of Devil worshiper

1. Noun. Someone who worships devils.

Generic synonyms: Believer, Worshiper, Worshipper
Specialized synonyms: Diabolist, Satanist

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Literary usage of Devil worshiper

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Dictionary of Religion and Ethics by Shailer Mathews, Gerald Birney Smith (1921)
"SJ CASE DEVIL-WORSHIPER. — One who worships the power or spirits of evil, a practise common to many primitive tribes in Africa, Asia and America; ..."

2. Ecumenical Missionary Conference, New York, 1900 (1900)
"... he may be a devil-worshiper or a worshiper of God, he may break all the commands of the decalogue, and all is well; he is a good Hindu. ..."

3. A Lone Woman in Africa: Six Years on the Kroo Coast by Agnes McAllister (1896)
"The idol worshiper, or devil worshiper, believes that, if he should turn away from his idol to the true God, his devil would, out of jealousy, ..."

4. The Autobiography of Satan by John Relly Beard (1872)
"The victory was the more complete and triumphant, because the devil-worshiper brought the object of his worship with his own hands, and presented that ..."

5. India Awakening by Sherwood Eddy (1911)
"When the last devil-worshiper was converted to Christianity, with their own hands they tore down that devil temple, and erected in its place this great ..."

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