Definition of Devildom

1. the domain of a devil [n -S]

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Literary usage of Devildom

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Kim by Rudyard Kipling (1905)
"For five — seven — eighteen — forty years it was in my mind that the Old Law was not well followed; being overlaid, as thou knowest, with devildom, charms, ..."

2. Punch by Mark Lemon, Henry Mayhew, Tom Taylor, Shirley Brooks, Francis Cowley Burnand, Owen Seaman (1850)
"Ко demon, even, but the •meanest as well as most malignant in devildom would have perpetrated cruelties so execrable and infamous. Tliis gallant officer and ..."

3. Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine (1893)
"... blood in his veins, he could not possibly have succeeded in the exploits of "dare-devildom" that marked the course of his incredibly eventful life. ..."

4. Representative English Comedies: With Introductory Essays and Notes, an by Charles Mills Gayley, Alwin Thaler (1913)
"Jonson laid hold of the satiric theme of the stupidity of devildom— a theme still recognizable in the passionate scorn of Carlyle's ejaculation : " The ..."

5. The Writings in Prose and Verse of Rudyard Kipling by Rudyard Kipling (1902)
"For five — seven — eighteen — forty years it was in my mind that the Old Law was not well followed ; being overlaid, as thou know- est, with devildom, ..."

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