Definition of Diagnostics

1. Noun. The branch of medical science dealing with the classification of disease.

Exact synonyms: Nosology
Generic synonyms: Medical Specialty, Medicine
Derivative terms: Diagnostician

Definition of Diagnostics

1. n. That part of medicine which has to do with ascertaining the nature of diseases by means of their symptoms or signs.

Definition of Diagnostics

1. Noun. (plural of diagnostic) ¹

2. Noun. The process of determining the state of or capability of a component to perform its function(s). ¹

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Definition of Diagnostics

1. diagnostic [n] - See also: diagnostic

Medical Definition of Diagnostics

1. That part of medicine which has to do with ascertaining the nature of diseases by means of their symptoms or signs. "His rare skill in diagnostics." (Macaulay) Source: Websters Dictionary (01 Mar 1998)

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Literary usage of Diagnostics

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

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3. Utilisation and Reliability of High Power Proton Accelerators: Workshop by NEA Nuclear Science Committee (2001)
"Beam diagnostics put in operation for the proton source and the LEBT are described. Indications about those planned on the HEBT are given. ..."

4. The Unsound Mind and the Law: A Presentation of Forensic Psychiatry by George W. Jacoby (1918)
"... entirely inadequate in a scientific sense. Equal care should be given to both details. Let us now proceed to a consideration of the special diagnostics. ..."

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6. The Science of Penology: The Defense of Society Against Crime by Henry Martyn Boies (1901)
"... Class—Social Cost of Crime— Necessity of a Reformation in Treatment of Criminals—Subdivisions of the Science—diagnostics—Therapeutics—Hygienics. ..."

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"... previously Winter« aromática Murr, (named in honour of Captain Winter, who sailed with Sir Francis Drake), is the type of the order. The diagnostics are ..."

8. Basic Studies in the Field of High-Temperature Engineering: Second by Nihon Genshiryoku Kenkyūjo (2002)
"... OF OPTICAL diagnostics IN HIGH-TEMPERATURE GAS-COOLED SYSTEMS T. Shikama, M. Narui Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University Oarai, Ibaraki, ..."

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