Definition of Diane de poitiers

1. Noun. French noblewoman who was the mistress of Henry II; she had more influence over him than did his wife Catherine de Medicis (1499-1566).

Exact synonyms: Duchesse De Valentinois
Generic synonyms: Female Aristocrat

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Literary usage of Diane de poitiers

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Famous Women as Described by Famous Writers by Esther Singleton (1904)
"diane de poitiers (1499—1566) MADAME BOLLY diane de poitiers, eldest daughter of Jean de Poitiers, seigneur of St. Vallier, one of the most ancient families ..."

2. The Court and Reign of Francis the First, King of France by Pardoe (Julia) (1887)
"... Trial of the conspirators — Diane de Poitiers — Her marriage — Her new home — She arrives at Court to intercede for the life of her ..."

3. Fair Women at Fontainebleau by Frank Hamel (1909)
"... in honour of Diane de Poitiers, with their joint monogram, the famous DH, and the crescent repeated in the ornament ; the Pavillons de Pomone, ..."

4. The Ins and Outs of Paris: Or, Paris by Day and Night by Julie Granville Marguerittes (1855)
"The Architecture of the Louvre—Historical Reflections—Francis I.—Catharine de Medicis—Henry II—Diane de Poitiers and her statue by Jean Goujon—Francis II. ..."

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