Definition of Differentia

1. Noun. Distinguishing characteristics (especially in different species of a genus).

Generic synonyms: Difference

Definition of Differentia

1. n. The formal or distinguishing part of the essence of a species; the characteristic attribute of a species; specific difference.

Definition of Differentia

1. Noun. (semantics logic) A distinguishing feature which marks something off from other members of the same family. ¹

2. Noun. (taxonomy) The attribute that distinguishes a species from others of the same genus ¹

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Definition of Differentia

1. [n -TIAE]

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Literary usage of Differentia

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Metaphysics: Or, the Science of Perception by John Miller (1904)
"But in beauty, a differentia would seem a myth, so varied are the forms of it, and so many. 2. And further, secondly, there is so bad a generalization. ..."

2. Organon of Science: Three Books in One Volume by John Harrison Stinson (1879)
"... similia be inter se differentia, we will call the latter differential similia: ... similia and differential similia will then be differentia. ..."

3. Elements of Logic: Designed as a Manual of Instruction by Henry Coppée (1860)
"Species, Genus, and differentia. A species is a class obtained by generalization, which includes only individuals or subordinate classes, and is itself ..."

4. The Problem of Knowledge by Douglas Clyde Macintosh (1915)
"May it not perhaps turn out that we shall be able to derive the proximate genus for our definition of truth from the one side, and the differentia of the ..."

5. A Text-book of Deductive Logic for the Use of Students: For the Use of Students by P. K. Ray (1886)
"In other words, if the predicate of a proposition, in relation to the subject, be a genus, species, or differentia, the proposition is verbal, that is, ..."

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