Definition of Digital scanner

1. Noun. An electronic device that generates a digital representation of an image for data input to a computer.

Exact synonyms: Image Scanner, Scanner
Generic synonyms: Data Input Device, Input Device, Electronic Device
Derivative terms: Scan

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Literary usage of Digital scanner

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Bibliography on Computational Molecular Biology and Geneticsby Sarah Barron, Matthew Witten, Gongxian Liu by Sarah Barron, Matthew Witten, Gongxian Liu (1992)
"[482] ELDER, JK, GREEN, DK, AND SOUTHERN, EM Automatic reading of DNA sequencing gel autoradiographs using a large format digital scanner. ..."

2. Final Report of the Kennedy Assassination Records Review Boardby John R. Tunheim by John R. Tunheim (1999)
"... provide secure transportation to ship the autopsy photographs to Rochester, New York, to be digitized on the most advanced digital scanner in the world. ..."

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