Definition of Dining companion

1. Noun. Someone you dine with.

Exact synonyms: Tablemate
Generic synonyms: Diner

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Literary usage of Dining companion

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Panama Adventure Guide by Patricia Katzman (2004)
"It was nicely presented and served, but I rated it only average. Perhaps I should have opted for the trout. My dining companion said it was excellent. ..."

2. The Holland House Circle by Lloyd Charles Sanders (1908)
"When he was finally established at Berlin as " the most besieged inquiry-office in the country " and the dining companion of the King, Humboldt was fond of ..."

3. Diary of a Trip to South Africa on R.M.S. Tantallon Castle by David S. Salmond (1899)
"Mr Spurgeon is a most entei (dining companion, having travelled literally over all the world, His stories of travel, and the incidents we drew fiom him ..."

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