Definition of Dish towel

1. Noun. A towel for drying dishes.

Exact synonyms: Dishtowel, Tea Towel
Generic synonyms: Towel

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Literary usage of Dish towel

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Shakespeariana by Shakespeare society of New York (1885)
"I say little, for of all things I do detest a great big dish-towel that approximates the size of a tablecloth. The right size is a yard long and half as ..."

2. Camping and Camp Outfits: A Manual of Instruction for Young and Old Sportsmen by George O. Shields (1889)
"Then the coffeepot, with any little thing, as a can of condensed milk, or the soap wrapped up in the dish-towel, is put in alongside of the camp-kettle. ..."

3. By the Great Wall: Letters from China by Isabella Burgess Riggs Williams (1909)
"My satisfaction on the dish towel question received a ... 'No, it's the dish towel,' was the answer, in a most innocent tone. ' It isn't our foreign custom ..."

4. A Montessori Mother by Dorothy Canfield Fisher (1912)
"And I set th' iron down and took a dish-towel out'n the basket and says to him, ... That historic dish-towel is still among the “apparatus” in her garret. ..."

5. The Wit and Humor of America by Marshall Pinckney Wilder (1911)
"The instant she saw me she modestly seized a dish- towel and shouted at the top ... She has nothing on but a dish-towel." Letitia paused irresolutely for a ..."

6. The Story of a Pioneer by Anna Howard Shaw, Elizabeth Garver Jordan (1915)
"When I called for towels I found that there was nothing in the place but a dish-towel, which I washed with portentous gravity. The man owned but one shirt, ..."

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