Definition of Disk access

1. Noun. Memory access to the computer disk on which information is stored.

Generic synonyms: Access, Memory Access

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Literary usage of Disk access

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Database Management Systems in Engineering by Katherine Morris (1994)
"disk access is much slower than memory access. Therefore, minimizing disk access often results in better performance. However, many of the techniques which ..."

2. Executive Guide to Computer Viruses by Charles Ritstein (1992)
"If a disk access (read or write) occurs during this time window, the virus is activated. ... The chance of a disk access during a given ..."

3. SAS(R) 9.1 Companion for OpenVMS Alpha by Sas Institute, Institute SAS Institute (2004)
"Cost The cost to the user is the time and effort to better manage disk access. For the system manager, it can involve regularly defragmenting disks or ..."

4. The Backup Book: Disaster Recovery from Desktop to Data Center by Dorian J. Cougias, E. L. Heiberger, Karsten Koop (2003)
"When users access video servers, the servers are streaming information to the user at very high bandwidth rates. This clogs the process, the disk access, ..."

5. Network Security by David J. Stang (1991)
"Map Assist Peer-to-peer disk access allows authorized users to "MAP" the physical drives of other workstations as their own logical drives. ..."

6. First Text Retrieval Conference (Trec-1): Proceedings by D. K. Harman (1993)
"The disk access time was 9.8 ms on average. 3.2 Indexing Performance Our experiments showed that performance in indexing is strictly constrained by I/O wait ..."

7. National Computer Security Conference Proceedings, 1992: Information Systems by DIANE Publishing Company (1992)
"If, however, they used a low-level I/O program to do direct disk access, they would find that all of the data in a protected file was encrypted. ..."

8. Overview of the Third Text Retrieval Conference (Trec-3) edited by D. K. Harmon (1995)
"... TREC document of around 3 Kb. This is only a small component of retrieval time, which is still dominated by disk access and transfer costs. ..."

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