Definition of Dispersing phase

1. Noun. (of colloids) a substance in which another is colloidally dispersed.

Exact synonyms: Dispersing Medium, Dispersion Medium
Generic synonyms: Form, Phase
Category relationships: Colloid

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Literary usage of Dispersing phase

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Applied Colloid Chemistry: General Theory by Wilder Dwight Bancroft (1921)
"True ruby glass consists of gold as dispersed phase in glass as a non-crystalline dispersing phase. With salt colored by exposure to cathode rays, ..."

2. Physical Chemistry for Colleges: A Course of Instruction Based Upon the by Earl Bowman Millard (1921)
"It is only necessary that there be enough dispersing phase to form a continuous film between each droplet and the next neighbors to it. ..."

3. Transactions of the American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and (1921)
"In the colloidal systems, cementite (Fe3C) is the dispersed phase and iron the dispersing phase, as the pearlite coagulum consists of cementite interspersed ..."

4. The Plant World by Plant World Association, Wild Flower Preservation Society (U.S.) (1916)
"The nature of the dispersing phase is entirely unknown. The solution, according to him, possesses only temporary fluid properties ;as it has a tendency to ..."

5. Fats and Fatty Degeneration: A Physico-chemical Study of Emulsions and the by Martin Fischer, Marian Osgood Hooker (1917)
"... the surface tension of the dispersing phase must not be measured against air (which would be proper only in the case of air-foams) but against the ..."

6. Colloid Chemistry: An Introduction, with Some Practical Applications by Jerome Alexander (1919)
"... we have really a mixture of (1) a dispersed phase of water subdivided in the solid, with (2) a dispersing phase of the solid finely subdivided in water. ..."

7. Transactions by American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical, and Petroleum Engineers, Metallurgical Society of AIME, Society of Mining Engineers of AIME., Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration (U.S.). (1921)
"... is the dispersed phase and iron the dispersing phase, as the pearlite coagulum consists of cementite interspersed in ferrite. ..."

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