Definition of Dog violet

1. Noun. Old World leafy-stemmed blue-flowered violet.

Exact synonyms: Heath Violet, Viola Canina
Generic synonyms: Violet

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Literary usage of Dog violet

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Phytologist: A Popular Botanical Miscellany edited by George Luxford, Edward Newman (1842)
"Spurless Variety of dog violet. We have lately received specimens of a form of Viola canina, in which the flowers are said to be always destitute of a spur; ..."

2. C.E. Hobbs' Botanical Hand-book: Of Common Local, English, Botanical and by Charles E. Hobbs (1876)
"dog violet, Rt . eme. cat. vul. Common violet (Blue), Pl. muc. lax. eme. alt. ... dog violet, see Viola canina. Canker (Beaked) violet, Pl. iu canker; ..."

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