Definition of Double-barreled

1. Adjective. Having two barrels mounted side by side. "A double-barreled shotgun"

Exact synonyms: Double-barrelled
Antonyms: Single-barreled

2. Adjective. Having two purposes; twofold. "Our double-barreled desire to make things profitable as well as attractive"
Exact synonyms: Double-barrelled
Similar to: Ambiguous

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Literary usage of Double-barreled

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Appletons' Annual Cyclopædia and Register of Important Events of the Year (1899)
"double-barreled, sporting, breech-loading, shotguns, combination shotguns and rifles, valued at not more than five dollars, one dollar and fifty cents each ..."

2. History of the Republican Party: Embracing Its Origin, Growth and Mission by Frank Abial Flower (1884)
"... —The double-barreled Ballot-box—How It Is Managed—A Blood- saving Invention—The ... Doublebarreled ..."

3. The Standard Speller: Containing Exercises for Oral Spelling, Also Sentences by Epes Sargent (1863)
"The prophet found neither credit nor profit. The pistil of a flower. A double-barreled pistol. He sought a sort of glue. A man without principle. ..."

4. Guarding the Mails: Or, The Secret Service of the Post Office Department by Patrick Henry Woodward (1876)
"... an account of stock, the clerk, maddened with liquor and frenzied with passion, crept stealthily on to the piazza, armed with a double-barreled gun. ..."

5. The Writings of Mark Twain [pseud.] by Virgil, Charles Anthon, C. Knipe, New York (State). Banking Dept, Emerson Willard Keyes, Mark Twain, Claire Giannini Hoffman (1903)
"A double-barreled DETECTIVE STORY CHAPTER I. THE first scene is in the country, in Virginia; the time, 1880. There has been a wedding, between a handsome ..."

6. How to Sell More Goods: Secrets of Successful Salesmanship by Harold James Barrett (1918)
"A double-barreled Method of Selling "The problem which confronts a great many salesmen," remarked one of the most successful newspaper advertising ..."

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