Definition of Double boiler

1. Noun. Two saucepans, one fitting inside the other.

Exact synonyms: Double Saucepan
Generic synonyms: Saucepan

Definition of Double boiler

1. Noun. in cooking, a large pan containing hot water, into which other smaller pans are set in order to cook food at low heat (below 100C or 212F), or to keep food warm. ¹

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Literary usage of Double boiler

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The New Housekeeping: Efficiency Studies in Home Management by Christine Frederick (1913)
"... Device Utilizing One Burner for Baking (3) Gasolene Iron with Concentrated Heating Surface (4) Tea Kettle and double boiler Combined (5) Well-Insulated ..."

2. Home Helps: A Pure Food Cook Book; a Useful Collection of Up-to-date by Mary Johnson Lincoln, Katherine Golden Bitting Collection on Gastronomy (Library of Congress) (1910)
"Heat in double boiler half an hour. Strain, and serve very hot as first course in luncheon. In preparing fritters, beat egg whites separately and add just ..."

3. Hot Water Supply and Kitchen Boiler Connections: A Text Book on the by William Hutton (1913)
"The double boiler is made in different forms, both vertical and horizontal. ... Although double boiler work is a system of years' standing, the plumbers in ..."

4. Modern Plumbing Illustrated: A Comprehensive and Thoroughly Practical Work by Robert Macy Starbuck (1922)
"double boilerS WHILE the principle of the double boiler is simple and its ... The double boiler is used in city buildings of such height that the water ..."

5. The Home Cook Book: A Collection of Practical Receipts by Expert Cooks (1905)
"Stir smooth three tablespoons of cornstarch in half a cup of cold milk, and slowly pour into the hot milk in the double-boiler. When the cornstarch thickens ..."

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