Definition of Drinking bout

1. Noun. A long period of drinking.

Definition of Drinking bout

1. Noun. (alternative spelling of drinking-bout) ¹

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Literary usage of Drinking bout

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. On the South African Frontier: The Adventures and Observations of an by William Harvey Brown (1899)
"... Rascality—A Buffalo Hunt—The Aborigines and Malarial Fever—A drinking bout at Hartley—" Rats"—Marshall Sees Spiders—Liquor Versus Malarial Microbes. ..."

2. Codex Fejérváry-Mayer: An Old Mexican Picture Manuscript in the Liverpool by Eduard Seler, Joseph Florimond Loubat, Augustus Henry Keane, Liverpool Museum (Liverpool, England) (1902)
"... it ends with the summons to the feasting and pulque drinking-bout, which I have above referred to (p. 72). To him especially, and to his dark brother ..."

3. Personal Recollections of Werner Von Siemens by Werner von Siemens (1893)
"After that the princes and their attendants reclined in front of us. and began a national drinking- bout with a kind of mulled wine of generous ..."

4. A Dictionary of English Synonymes and Synonymous Or Parallel Expressions by Richard Soule, George Holmes Howison (1891)
"I. Carousal, revel, revelry, revelling, jollification, bacchanals, saturnalia, debauch, computation, wassail, orgies, carouse^ cups, drinking-bout. 2. ..."

5. Two Months in the Highlands, Orcadia, and Skye by Charles Richard Weld (1860)
"Scene of Boswell's drinking bout.— Grave of Scandinavian Pythoness.—A Skye Terrier.—Kyle-Akin.—A Rough Ferry. ..."

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