Definition of Driving belt

1. Noun. A belt that carries motion from a motor to the machinery.

Generic synonyms: Belt

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Literary usage of Driving belt

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Belt Conveyors and Belt Elevators by Frederic Valerius Hetzel (1922)
"CHAPTER XX driving belt ELEVATORS Drive by Head Pulleys.—In the design of a belt and bucket elevator the diameter of the head wheel must always be ..."

2. The American Cotton Spinner and Managers' and Carders' Guide: A Practical by Robert H. Baird (1851)
"TO FIND THE LENGTH OF A DRIVING-BELT. Suppose the distance from the centre of the driving-shaft to the centre of the pulley-axle, of any machine to be ..."

3. The Annual of Scientific Discovery, Or, Year-book of Facts in Science and Art by David Ames Wells, Charles Robert Cross, John Trowbridge, Samuel Kneeland, George Bliss (1852)
"The new invention consists of a loose driving belt — so loose that when it is not tightened by bearing against it the driving drum has no action upon ..."

4. The Modern Factory: Safety, Sanitation and Welfare by George Moses Price (1914)
"... Aetna Life Insurance* v ,, driving belt in Aisle Boxed In. Courtesy Aetna Life 1 usura net* Co. Guarded Countershaft Used in Driving a Lathe. ..."

5. Windmills and Wind Motors: How to Build and Run Them by F. E. Powell (1910)
"driving belt Arrangement for Wind Electrical Plant. 3; C, 8 inches X 2; and D, the dynamo pulley, 2 inches X 2 inches. This gives a rather higher ratio than ..."

6. Technology and Power in the Early American Cotton Industry: James Montgomery by David J. Jeremy (1990)
"The dotted line represents the main driving belt, which gives motion to all the drums; aaaa are the belt binders, which are suspended on springs or swivels, ..."

7. The Federal Reporter by United States Commerce Court, District of Columbia Court of Appeals, Courts of Appeals (1890)
"The belt- shifting device in question is nothing more than a device to shift a driving-belt from one pulley to another, the two pulleys being located side ..."

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