Definition of Drug baron

1. Noun. A person who controls an organization dealing in illegal drugs.

Exact synonyms: Drug Lord
Generic synonyms: Boss

Definition of Drug baron

1. Noun. A druglord. ¹

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Literary usage of Drug baron

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Taking the Profit Out of Drug Trafficking: The Battle Against Money edited by Bill McCollum (2001)
"... the Pesos the money launderer needs to repay the drug baron. For many years, we saw the money launderers using United States banks with impunity. ..."

2. Unceasing Abuses: Human Rights in Mexico One Year After the Introduction of by Ellen L. Lutz (1991)
"He also has a number of cellular telephones he uses to direct illicit drug operations. 9 Uhlig, Mark A., "drug baron Defiant in Mexican Jail," New ..."

3. Mexican and American Responses to the International Narcotics Threat edited by Jesse Helms (1999)
"... a lieutenant of drug baron Amado Carrillo Fuentes. They also found evidence of cars and large sums of money being transferred from the Carrillo Fuentes ..."

4. Medical Marijuana Referenda Movement in America: Hearing Before the edited by Bill McCollum (2001)
"... by the Arellano Felix brothers for a failed ambush of a rival drug baron that resulted instead in the slaying by mistake of Cardinal Posadas Ocampo. ..."

5. State of War: Political Violence and Counterinsurgency in Colombia by Cynthia Arnson, Robin Kirk (1993)
"... to Pablo Escobar's belief that they were a front for the Colombian security 138 Ibid., Reuters, "Escobar foes destroy drug baron's cars," Miami Herald, ..."

6. The Heart of the Matter: Sierra Leone, Diamonds & Human Security : Complete Ian Smillie, Lansana Gberie, Ralph Hazleton, Partnership Africa Canada by Ian Smillie, Lansana Gberie, Ralph Hazleton, Partnership Africa Canada (2000)
"... and Nico Shefer, an Ecuadorian who was once in business with Colombian drug baron, Pablo Escobar, the Colombian cocaine lord. These two, the paper said, ..."

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