Definition of Dudley moore

1. Noun. English actor and comedian who appeared on television and in films (born in 1935).

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Literary usage of Dudley moore

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Parliamentary Debatesby Thomas Curson Hansard, Great Britain Parliament by Thomas Curson Hansard, Great Britain Parliament (1823)
"Queen Anne, jealous possibly of the applause bestowed upon her predecessor, forbad the speaking of the prologue. A Mr. dudley moore, who was in the ..."

2. Reports of Cases in Criminal Law Argued and Determined in All the Courts in by Edward William Cox (1850)
"West's c.ase was analogous to the case of dudley moore. It was not a perfectly good indictment. The note, as we have it, • is in inverted commas : "Nolle ..."

3. Reports of State Trials: New Seriesby Great Britain State Trials Committee, John Macdonell, John Edward Power Wallis by Great Britain State Trials Committee, John Macdonell, John Edward Power Wallis (1894)
"... and particularly the said dudley moore, should be discharged ; that before the essoign day of Easter term there was an information filed by the ..."

4. The St. Albans Raid: Or, Investigation Into the Charges Against Lieut by Montréal (Québec). Police Court, Québec (Province). Superior Court (1865)
"Whereupon the said dudley moore saith as follows: Whatever I may have done at St. Albans I did as a Confederate soldier; acting under the direction and in ..."

5. The Lives of the Lord Chancellors and Keepers of the Great Seal of Ireland by James Roderick O'Flanagan (1870)
"Serious His conduct as a judge was impugned in the case Jc lari=''5- ]v[r. dudley moore; also for discharging one James Grind without trial; ..."

6. A Report of the Trial of James Forbes, William Graham, George Graham, Mathew by James Forbes, Richard Wilson Greene, Ireland Court of King's Bench (1823)
"The offence was, that dudley moore insisted on reading a prologue. The actors had refused to repeat it, upon which Mr. Moore did so, and probably with more ..."

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