Definition of Dummy whist

1. Noun. A form of whist with three players; four hands are dealt with the hand opposite the dealer being face up.

Generic synonyms: Long Whist, Short Whist, Whist

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Literary usage of Dummy whist

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Badminton Magazine of Sports & Pastimes edited by Alfred Edward Thomas Watson (1902)
"If so, why has not dummy Whist been played for choice all these years ? ... It is too late in the day, in fact, to pretend that dummy Whist is the better ..."

2. Wandering Jew Card Game. by Robert D. Manning (1986)
"DUMMY Perhaps the most significant is dummy whist, which may have started life as a means of ... Four (4) handed dummy whist was favored by the French, ..."

3. The Young Folk's Cyclopædia of Games and Sports by John Denison Champlin, Arthur Elmore Bostwick (1890)
"A game that is played, after the lead of the first card, like dummy whist. The dealer does not turn a trump. He has the option of making it, but if he does ..."

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