Definition of Dutch elm

1. Noun. Any of various hybrid ornamental European shade trees ranging from dwarf to tall.

Exact synonyms: Ulmus Hollandica
Group relationships: Genus Ulmus, Ulmus
Generic synonyms: Elm, Elm Tree

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Literary usage of Dutch elm

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Treatise en Forest-trees: Containing Not Only the Best Methods of Their by William Boutcher (1778)
"The rough-bark'd dutch elm; 5. The GORNISH ELM; 6. The RED ELM from CANADA; 7. The SCOTS ELM in England, call'd the WITCH ELM ; 8. ..."

2. Elementary Principles of Carpentry by Thomas Tredgold, Peter Barlow (1853)
"The dutch elm (Ulmus major) is a native of Holland; its wood is very inferior to the ... The wych elm is the largest tree, and the dutch elm the smallest. ..."

3. The Gardeners Dictionary: Containing the Methods of Cultivating and by Philip Miller (1754)
"1 lie dutch elm, ... the better every Year; and the Timber thereof being much preferable ;o that o/ ti* dutch elm, rentiers it moie valui- ble for Planting. ..."

4. The North American Sylva, Or, A Description of the Forest Trees, of the by François André Michaux, Augustus Lucas Hillhouse (1819)
"In the winter, when stript of its foliage, the dutch elm is recognized by its ... The dutch elm so nearly resembles the Red Elm of the United States in its ..."

5. Remarks on Forest Scenery and Other Woodland Views by William Gilpin (1834)
"The dutch elm attains a very lofty height and a considerable diameter, but its wood is supposed to be softer than the common elm. The oak, the ash, ..."

6. On Planting and Rural Ornament: A Practical Treatise by William Marshal, Marshall (William) (1803)
"The dutch elm, 5. The Narrow-leaved Wych Elm, 6. The Broad leaved Wych Elm, In another part of his work he says, " It would be endless, as well as needless, ..."

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