Definition of Earth wax

1. Noun. A waxy mineral that is a mixture of hydrocarbons and occurs in association with petroleum; some varieties are used in making ceresin and candles.

Exact synonyms: Ader Wax, Mineral Wax, Ozocerite, Ozokerite
Generic synonyms: Mineral

Medical Definition of Earth wax

1. A natural mixture of hydrocarbons of high molecular weight; a substitute for beeswax, also used in dentistry for impressions. Synonym: cerin, cerosin, earth wax, mineral wax, purified ozokerite. (05 Mar 2000)

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Literary usage of Earth wax

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Examination of Hydrocarbon Oils and of Saponifiable Fats and Waxes by David Holde (1915)
"CHAPTER III OZOKERITE AND MONTAN WAX A. Ozokerite (earth wax) I. OCCURRENCE AND CHEMICAL CHARACTER Crude ozokerite is mined principally at Boryslaw, ..."

2. Petroleum: A Treatise on the Geographical Distribution and Geological by Sir Boverton Redwood (1896)
"The pots generally hold some 3000 kilos. of earth- wax, exclusive of some 0'5 ... The operation commences by melting down the earth-wax, the heat being ..."

3. Proceedings of the American Chemical Society by American Chemical Society (1878)
"The best "earth-wax" should have a pure yellow or greenish color, and be easy to ... After trying, these produce an " earth-wax " which is chiefly used ..."

4. A Treatise on Pharmacy for Students and Pharmacists by Charles Caspari (1906)
"Ceresin is a yellow variety of purified earth wax, often used to adulterate yellow beeswax. Paraffin and petrolatum are not saponifiable and not subject to ..."

5. Taking impressions of the mouth by James William White (1895)
"Should we ever find that earth-wax, tallow, etc., have any usefulness to dentists in the taking of impressions or the making of base-plates, we shall have ..."

6. Merck's 1896 Index: An Encyclopedia for the Physician and the Pharmacist by Merck & Co, Merck & Co., New York (1896)
"(Sf. B. Not a medicament!) Ceresin, White bulk.—Ib. .20 Purified ozokerite (or earth wax).—Hydrocarbon of complex compos. ..."

7. Cyclopedia of American Agriculture: A Popular Survey of Agricultural by Liberty Hyde Bailey (1908)
"The materials used for candles are hard palmitic and stearic acids of animal fats, hydrocarbons, such as paraffin, ozokerite, or earth-wax and esters of the ..."

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