Definition of Ease

1. Noun. Freedom from difficulty or hardship or effort. "The very easiness of the deed held her back"

Exact synonyms: Easiness, Simpleness, Simplicity
Specialized synonyms: Effortlessness
Generic synonyms: Quality
Attributes: Easy
Antonyms: Difficulty
Derivative terms: Easy, Easy, Easy, Simple, Simple

2. Verb. Move gently or carefully. "He eased himself into the chair"
Generic synonyms: Go, Locomote, Move, Travel
Also: Ease Up

3. Noun. A freedom from financial difficulty that promotes a comfortable state. "He had all the material comforts of this world"
Exact synonyms: Comfort
Generic synonyms: Affluence, Richness
Specialized synonyms: Lap Of Luxury

4. Verb. Lessen pain or discomfort; alleviate. "Ease the pain in your legs"
Exact synonyms: Comfort
Generic synonyms: Alleviate, Assuage, Palliate, Relieve
Derivative terms: Comfort, Comfort, Comforter, Comforter, Easement, Easing

5. Noun. The condition of being comfortable or relieved (especially after being relieved of distress). "Getting it off his conscience gave him some ease"
Exact synonyms: Relief
Generic synonyms: Comfort, Comfortableness
Specialized synonyms: Reprieve, Respite

6. Verb. Make easier. "You could facilitate the process by sharing your knowledge"
Exact synonyms: Alleviate, Facilitate
Generic synonyms: Aid, Assist, Help
Derivative terms: Easing, Facilitation, Facilitation, Facilitative, Facilitator

7. Noun. Freedom from constraint or embarrassment. "I am never at ease with strangers"
Exact synonyms: Informality
Generic synonyms: Naturalness
Derivative terms: Informal

8. Verb. Lessen the intensity of or calm. "The good news will ease her"; "Still the fears"
Exact synonyms: Allay, Relieve, Still
Generic synonyms: Comfort, Console, Solace, Soothe
Specialized synonyms: Abreact
Derivative terms: Allayer, Easement, Reliever, Still

9. Noun. Freedom from activity (work or strain or responsibility). "Took his repose by the swimming pool"
Exact synonyms: Relaxation, Repose, Rest
Generic synonyms: Inactivity
Specialized synonyms: Bed Rest, Bedrest, Laziness, Lie-in, Dormancy, Quiescence, Quiescency, Sleeping, Leisure
Derivative terms: Relax, Repose, Rest

Definition of Ease

1. n. Satisfaction; pleasure; hence, accommodation; entertainment.

2. v. t. & i. To free from anything that pains, disquiets, or oppresses; to relieve from toil or care; to give rest, repose, or tranquillity to; -- often with of; as, to ease of pain; to ease the body or mind.

Definition of Ease

1. Noun. The state of being comfortable or free from stress. ¹

2. Noun. Freedom from pain, worry, agitation, etc. ¹

3. Noun. Freedom from effort, difficulty or hardship. ¹

4. Noun. Dexterity or facility. ¹

5. Noun. Affluence and freedom from financial problems. ¹

6. Noun. Relaxation, rest and leisure. ¹

7. Noun. (context: clothing) Additional space to allow movement within a garment. ¹

8. Verb. (transitive) To free (something) from pain, worry, agitation, etc. ¹

9. Verb. (transitive) To alleviate, assuage or lessen (pain). ¹

10. Verb. (transitive) To give respite to (someone). ¹

11. Verb. (transitive) To loosen or slacken the tension on (something). ¹

12. Verb. (transitive) To reduce the difficulty of (something). ¹

13. Verb. (transitive) To move (something) slowly and carefully. ¹

14. Verb. (intransitive) To lessen in severity. ¹

15. Verb. (intransitive) To proceed with little effort. ¹

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Definition of Ease

1. to give rest or relief to [v EASED, EASING, EASES]

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