Definition of Eastern indigo snake

1. Noun. A variety of indigo snake.

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Literary usage of Eastern indigo snake

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Proceedings for the Eight Biennial Southern Silvicultural Research Conference by M. Boya Edwards (2001)
"The eastern indigo snake, a protected species, is immune to the venom of all ... The eastern indigo snake, the diamondback rattlesnake, the dusky gopher ..."

2. Adventure Guide to Tampa Bay and Florida's West Coast by Chelle Koster Walton (2003)
"... red-cockaded woodpecker, Florida scrub jay, roseate tern, American crocodile, Atlantic loggerhead turtle, eastern indigo snake, and sand skink. ..."

3. Florida: Gulf Coast by Don Philpott (2003)
"... eastern indigo snake and a wealth of birdlife. Open: weekdays 8am-3pm during school term, and Sam-noon during holidays. Lee Island Coast The Lee Island ..."

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