Definition of Effervescence

1. Noun. The process of bubbling as gas escapes.

Generic synonyms: Action, Activity, Natural Action, Natural Process
Derivative terms: Effervesce, Effervescent

2. Noun. The property of giving off bubbles.
Exact synonyms: Bubbliness, Frothiness
Generic synonyms: Gaseousness
Derivative terms: Bubbly, Effervesce, Effervescent, Frothy

Definition of Effervescence

1. n. A kind of natural ebullition; that commotion of a fluid which takes place when some part of the mass flies off in a gaseous form, producing innumerable small bubbles; as, the effervescence of a carbonate with citric acid.

Definition of Effervescence

1. Noun. the escape of gas from solution in a liquid, especially the escape of carbon dioxide from a carbonated drink ¹

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Definition of Effervescence

1. [n -S]

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Literary usage of Effervescence

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. English Synonymes Explained: In Alphabetical Order ; with Copious by George Crabb (1883)
"EBULLITION, effervescence, FERMENTATION, FERMENT. THESE technical terms have a strong resemblance in their signification, but they are not strictly ..."

2. Bulletin by Ohio State Geologist, Ohio Division of Geological Survey (1912)
"2560 Light gray, very calcareous limestone, strong effervescence in cold HC1. ... 2575 Very light gray sample, fine chips with strong effervescence in cold ..."

3. The New American Cyclopaedia: A Popular Dictionary of General Knowledge edited by George Ripley, Charles Anderson Dana (1864)
"In both instances carbonic acid gas escapes, as it is said, with effervescence. EFFERVESCING POWDERS, preparations of acid and alkaline powders, ..."

4. Medico-physical Works: Being a Translation of Tractatus Quinque Medico-physici by John Mayow (1908)
"For indeed it is necessary for setting up effervescence of this kind, ... And to these considerations we may add that the effervescence of contrary salts ..."

5. A System of Mineralogy: Including an Extended Treatise on Crystallography by James Dwight Dana (1837)
"Its reduction in size, quantity, and the accompanying effervescence, will render manifest the action of the acid. The acids, when employed for this purpose, ..."

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