Definition of Egeria

1. Noun. Small genus of dioecious tropical aquatic plants.

Definition of Egeria

1. Proper noun. (Roman god) A nymph or minor goddess from Roman mythology. ¹

2. Proper noun. (astronomy) (w 13 Egeria), the asteroid. ¹

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Literary usage of Egeria

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Six Months in Italy by George Stillman Hillard (1867)
"This is the valley of egeria, — the spot where Numa met his shadowy counsellor. ... But such is not the fountain of egeria, as we see it; and, ..."

2. Library of the World's Best Literature, Ancient and Modern by Charles Dudley Warner, Hamilton Wright Mabie, Lucia Isabella Gilbert Runkle, George H Warner (1902)
"He is branded as a cheat, his daughter is believed to be his confederate, and he and egeria seek refuge in a community of Shakers, whose quaint and kindly ..."

3. Italy : Handbook for Travellers: Second Part, Central Italy and Rome by Karl Baedeker (Firm) (1890)
"The hill (with the 'Grove of egeria') forming the termination of the valley ... This path leads to the so-called Grotto of egeria, which was sought for here ..."

4. A Treatise on some of the insects injurious to vegetation by Thaddeus William Harris (1880)
"Some years ago, it was ascertained that a species of /egeria inhabited the ... 5), the pear-tree ^egeria; and my account of it will be found on the second ..."

5. Pencillings by the Way: Written During Some Years of Residence and Travel in by Nathaniel Parker Willis (1853)
"... the whole country about breathes of June, We left Rome this morning on an excursion to the £i Fountain of egeria.59 A more heavenly day never broke. ..."

6. The Universal Anthology: A Collection of the Best Literature, Ancient by Richard Garnett, Leon i.e. Alexandre Le'on Valle'e, Léon Vallée, Alois Leonhard Brandl (1899)
"egeria ! sweet creation of some heart Which found no mortal resting place so fair As thine ideal breast; whate'er thou art Or wert, — a young Aurora of the ..."

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