Definition of Egyptian grass

1. Noun. A creeping grass with spikes like fingers.

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Literary usage of Egyptian grass

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Book of Grasses: An Illustrated Guide to the Common Grasses, and the by Mary Francis Baker (1912)
"On the "coasts of Coromandel" a stout species of this genus was cultivated for its large, farinaceous seeds which were used as food. egyptian grass ..."

2. A Preliminary Catalogue of the Flora of New Jersey by Nathaniel Lord Britton (1881)
"Frequent in waste ground and ballast at Cain- den, CF Parker ; and in ballast at Jersey City, Addison Brown. Adv. Eu. Dactyloctenium, Willd egyptian grass. ..."

3. Grasses and Forage Plants: A Practical Treatise, Comprising Their Natural by Charles Louis Flint (1860)
"egyptian grass. Spikelets several-flowered, crowded on one side of the flattened rachis, forming two to five close, comb- like spikes, digitate at the apex; ..."

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