Definition of Electric toothbrush

1. Noun. A toothbrush with an electric motor in the handle that vibrates the head of the brush.

Terms within: Electric Motor
Generic synonyms: Toothbrush

Definition of Electric toothbrush

1. Noun. a toothbrush that uses electric power, usually supplied by a battery, to move the brush head rapidly ¹

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Literary usage of Electric toothbrush

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

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"Stoltze K, Bay L. Comparison of a manual and a new electric toothbrush for ... The long-term effect of an oscillating/rotating electric toothbrush on ..."

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"As for new devices, there was the light that stays lit after you turn it out, the electric toothbrush, the electric bootblack, the tiny kitchen range for ..."

3. Challenges in Predicting New Firm Performance by Arnold C. Cooper (1993)
"The market for power supplies is very large because every electronic system from a complex mainframe computer to an electric toothbrush needs a power supply ..."

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