Definition of Electrical shock

1. Noun. A reflex response to the passage of electric current through the body. "Electricians get accustomed to occasional shocks"

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Literary usage of Electrical shock

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Diseases of occupation and vocational hygiene by George Martin Kober, William Clinton Hanson (1916)
"DIVISION VI Electrical Injuries and electrical shock BY SIR THOMAS OLIVER, ... In Europe during 1910 there were 200 deaths caused by electrical shock. ..."

2. The Works of Benjamin Franklin: Containing Several Political and Historical by Benjamin Franklin (1882)
"Effect of an electrical shock. MY DEAR FRIEND, Passy, 29 April, 1785. I believe my last letter to you was of May 16th, 1783. I am therefore much in your ..."

3. Personal Recollections of Werner Von Siemens by Werner von Siemens (1893)
"circumstance that a slight electrical shock was felt when one tried to drink out of a wine bottle. By wrapping a piece of damp paper round it. ..."

4. The Medical Times and Gazette (1869)
"So far, indeed, is it from true that rigor mortis does not follow upon death by the electrical shock, I might, if I were i:u advocate interested in ..."

5. A System of Natural Philosophy by John Lee Comstock (1847)
"Any number of persons may receive the electrical shock, by taking hold of each other's ... "When a person takes the electrical shock in the usual manner, ..."

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