Definition of Electronic text

1. Noun. Text that is in a form that computer can store or display on a computer screen.

Generic synonyms: Text, Textual Matter
Specialized synonyms: Machine-displayable Text, Machine-readable Text

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Literary usage of Electronic text

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Digital Library: A Biography by Daniel I. Greenstein, Suzanne Elizabeth Thorin, Digital Library Federation (2002)
"The staff of the electronic text Center are direct links to the faculty and have work ... At the same time the electronic text Center was being set up, ..."

2. A Kaleidoscope of Digital American Literature by Martha L. Brogan, Daphnée Rentfrow (2005)
"Robert Scott Robert Scott is head, electronic text Service, Columbia University Libraries, and chair, electronic text Centers Discussion Group of the ..."

3. Scholarly Work in the Humanities and the Evolving Information Environment by William S. Brockman (2001)
"CONCLUSION scholarship has only begun to integrate electronic text. One telling example showed up clearly in the uncertainty ..."

4. Strategies for Building Digitized Collections by Abby Smith (2001)
"Within the library is the electronic text Center, where staff members choose to encode humanities texts that they put up without the interpretive apparatus ..."

5. Buying Books Online: Finding Bargains and Saving Money With Booksense Stores by Stephen Windwalker (2002)
"... a free electronic text copy from Project Gutenberg at These electronic text versions are amazingly easy and convenient to use, ..."

6. Eyewitness to the Past: Strategies for Teaching American History in Grades 5-12by Joan Brodsky Schur by Joan Brodsky Schur (2007)
"Roughing It. By Mark Twain. [1872] 1994. New York: Signet Classics. Available online at electronic text Center, University of Virginia Library. ..."

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