Definition of Electrostatic unit

1. Noun. Any of various units of electricity based on forces of interaction between electric charges.

Generic synonyms: Unit, Unit Of Measurement

Medical Definition of Electrostatic unit

1. The unit in an absolute system (CGS) of unit's utilizing static electricity; e.g., statampere, statcoulomb, statfarad, stathenry, statvolt. (05 Mar 2000)

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Literary usage of Electrostatic unit

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism by James Clerk ( Maxwell (1873)
"... repels it with unit of force. This unit is called the electrostatic unit to distinguish it from the Electromagnetic unit, to be afterwards defined. ..."

2. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London by Royal Society (Great Britain) (1890)
"... of Electricity to the electrostatic unit." By JJ THOMSON, MA, FRS, Cavendish Professor of Experimental Physics, Cambridge, and GFC SEARLE, BA, ..."

3. The Mathematical Theory of Electricity and Magnetism by James Hopwood Jeans (1908)
"As an electromotive force is of the same physical nature as a difference of potential, the electrostatic unit of electromotive force is taken to be the same ..."

4. Elements of the Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates by Gustav Mann, Walther Löb, Henry William Frederic Lorenz, Robert Wiedersheim, William Newton Parker, Thomas Jeffery Parker, Harry Clary Jones, Sunao Tawara, Leverett White Brownell, Max Julius Louis Le Blanc, Willis Rodney Whitney, John Wesley Brown, Wi (1907)
"The real electromagnetic unit of quantity is about 3 x 1010 as great as the electrostatic unit. But the electromagnetic unit actually in use — the coulomb ..."

5. Lessons in Elementary Practical Physics by Balfour Stewart, William Winson Haldane Gee (1901)
"Definition of the electrostatic unit of quantify of electricity. —The above expression (1) will enable us to define the electrostatic unit of quantity. ..."

6. Vestiges of Pre-metric Weights and Measures Persisting in Metric-system by Arthur Edwin Kennelly (1881)
"... and the general expression for the repulsion between e units and e' units at distance r will be Definition of the electrostatic unit of Electricity. 41. ..."

7. Elements of the Mathematical Theory of Electricity and Magnetism by Joseph John Thomson (1897)
"The electromagnetic unit charge of electricity bears to the electrostatic unit charge a ratio which depends on the units of length and time : if these are ..."

8. The Encyclopædia Britannica: A Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, Literature and by Hugh Chisholm (1910)
"Another definition, called the electrostatic unit of current, is as follows: Let any conductor be charged with electricity and discharged through a thin ..."

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