Definition of Elephantiases

1. elephantiasis [n] - See also: elephantiasis

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Literary usage of Elephantiases

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Lights and Shadows of Sailor Life: As Exemplified in Fifteen Years by Joseph G. Clark (1847)
"... elephantiases,” which the natives call Fe. This disease has its principal action on the lower extremities, and extends upwards, sometimes till the whole ..."

2. The Spirit of Missions by Episcopal church Board of Missions, Episcopal Church Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society (1842)
"The other disease is the " elephant's leg," erroneously called elephantiases ; the latter, properly speaking, being a totally different affection. ..."

3. New Voyages and Travels: Consisting of Originals, Translations, and Abridgements by Richard Phillips (1820)
"... in consequence of which, their old age is overtaken by chronic diseases, among them the elephantiases, or swelling of the legs, to such a degree as to ..."

4. Fisher's National Magazine and Industrial Record by Redwood Fisher (1846)
"... Eczema, elephantiases, Emphysema. The Blind Girl, with Other Tales. By Emma C. Embury. New York: HARPER & BROTHERS, 81 Cliff street. 1845. ..."

5. General Pathology: An Introduction to the Study of Medicine, Being a by Horst Oertel (1921)
"To this category belong also certain localized elephantiases of arms, legs and feet, often symmetrical, or of the nails. The ultimate causes of such ..."

6. Report of the President of the Board of Health to the Legislative Assembly by Hawaii Board of Health (1886)
"... Scrofula and elephantiases are very common." I think after reading these passages many will agree with the conclusion I have come to. ..."

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