Definition of Elevator operator

1. Noun. An operator of an elevator.

Specialized synonyms: Elevator Girl, Elevator Boy, Elevator Man, Liftman
Generic synonyms: Manipulator, Operator

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Literary usage of Elevator operator

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Supreme Court Reporter by Robert Desty, United States Supreme Court, West Publishing Company (1913)
"Plaintiff called to the elevator operator to take him and the other painter up to the second floor and let them off there. There was evidence liefere the ..."

2. The Girl and the Job by Helen Christene Hoerle, Florence B.. Saltzberg (1919)
"... elevator operator The war has opened many new fields of endeavor to women, one of which is that of elevator runner. Just why this occupation would ..."

3. Annotated Consolidated Laws of the State of New York: As Amended to January by Clarence Frank Birdseye, Robert Cushing Cumming, Frank Bixby Gilbert, New York (State). (1916)
"elevator operator injured by walking into open shaft. Miller v. ... elevator operator while attempting to board elevator in motion, caught between floor of ..."

4. L.R.A. as Authorities: Including the Citations of Each Case as Precedent, (1 by Lawyers' reports annotated, United States Supreme Court (1914)
"14, 88 NE 442, holding question as to whether elevator operator was acting within scope of his employment in assisting person handling freight was for jury: ..."

5. Standard Specifications for Personal Service by New York (N.Y.). Bureau of Standards (1917)
"elevator operator GROUP SYMBOL (KE) The term elevator operator Group is applied to those ... GRADE l (KE1) TITLES OF POSITIONS— elevator operator DUTIES— ..."

6. Special bulletin by New York (State). Dept. of Labor (1915)
"Coal man 28 M Man's clothing caught on main shaft of coal *elevator operator. elevator operator.. Foreman. Forewoman. Laborer. ..."

7. The Veto Power of the Governor of Illinois by Niels Henriksen Debel (1917)
"An elevator operator who needed men soon acquired the habit of sending to these saloons for them. From this set of circumstances developed the saloon-boss ..."

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