Definition of Embryology

1. Noun. The branch of biology that studies the formation and early development of living organisms.

Examples of category: Germ Layer, Eyecup, Optic Cup, Cleavage, Segmentation, Implantation, Nidation, Regulation
Generic synonyms: Biological Science, Biology
Specialized synonyms: Teratology
Derivative terms: Embryologic, Embryonic

Definition of Embryology

1. n. The science which relates to the formation and development of the embryo in animals and plants; a study of the gradual development of the ovum until it reaches the adult stage.

Definition of Embryology

1. Noun. The scientific study of embryos. ¹

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Definition of Embryology

1. [n -GIES]

Medical Definition of Embryology

1. The study of the embryo and its development from a one-celled zygote (fertilized ovum) to the establishment of form and shape (at which point, if it is an animal, it becomes a foetus). A subfield of developmental biology. (09 Oct 1997)

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