Definition of Emergency procedure

1. Noun. (medicine) a procedure adopted to meet an emergency (especially a medical emergency).

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Literary usage of Emergency procedure

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Storms Over the Urban Forest: Planning, Responding, and Regreening by Lisa L. Burban, John W. Anderson (1996)
"4.9 An Example—The Asplundh Municipal Storm emergency procedure The Asplundh Municipal Storm emergency procedure serves as an excellent example of a ..."

2. Workshop on Advanced Nuclear Reactor Safety Issues and Research Needs: Paris by International Atomic Energy Agency, OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (2002)
"If the future safety approach can be harmonized with the concept of not requiring an off-site emergency procedure, we can argue to modify the definition of ..."

3. Reducing Earthquake Hazards in the Central U. S. (6 Reports Combined) by DIANE Publishing Company (2000)
"... potential magnitude of seven point six on the Richter Scale, shall establish an earthquake emergency procedure system in every school building under its ..."

4. The ABCs of Safe & Healthy Child Care: A Handbook for Child Care Providers by Cynthia M. Hale, Jacqueline A. Polder (2000)
"... the list of first aid measures included in this chapter. • Write up an emergency procedure and evacuation route and make sure you are familiar with it. ..."

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