Definition of Emptyings

1. Noun. (plural of emptying) ¹

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Definition of Emptyings

1. emptying [n] - See also: emptying

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Literary usage of Emptyings

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Selection from the Letters of Lydia Ann Barclay, a Minister of the Gospel by Lydia Ann Barclay (1862)
"Ah, the good Master knows what emptyings and humiliations are for our good, and in His own time will bring us forth more like gold purified for His use; ..."

2. The New England Farmer by Samuel W. Cole (1868)
"EDITOR :- emptyings. Take a cup of warm sweet milk, add one cup boiling hot water, ... When the emptyings have risen, warm four quarts sweet milk, ..."

3. The Successful Housekeeper: A Manual of Universal Application, Especially by Milon W. Ellsworth, Tinnie Ellsworth (1882)
"If water rises on the top, stir in briskly one or two tablespoonfuls of flour, and put back into the kettle. If the flour is good the emptyings will be ..."

4. The Field Book of Manures: Or, The American Muck Book; Treating of the by Daniel Jay Browne (1858)
"Their total capacity is sufficient to contain the emptyings of six months, ... The highest basin of the series receives all the emptyings each night, ..."

5. Dr. Chase's Recipes: Or, Information for Everybody; an Invaluable Collection by A W Chase, William Wesley Cook (1920)
"If you raise it with yeast, put a little salt in the meal, but if you raise it with salt risings or emptyings, which I prefer, no more salt is needed. ..."

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