Definition of End man

1. Noun. A man at one end of line of performers in a minstrel show; carries on humorous dialogue with the interlocutor.

Exact synonyms: Corner Man
Group relationships: Minstrel Show
Generic synonyms: Minstrel

2. Noun. A man at one end of a row of people.
Group relationships: Rank
Generic synonyms: Acquaintance, Friend

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Literary usage of End man

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Christian Spectator (1821)
"end, man, as an accountable creature, is qualified to propuse to himself and to ... As a constituent part of the same great end, man is to propose to ..."

2. Wharf Management, Stevedoring and Storage by Roy Samuel MacElwee, Thomas Rothwell Taylor (1921)
"Its use is very popular, but the success of its use depends entirely upon the skill of the drum-end man (see Fig. 30). The work of the drum-end man is ..."

3. Mass Physical Training for Use in the Army and the Reserve Officers by Joseph Edward Raycroft (1920)
"There it is picked up by the end man who carries it forward on the left (or right) side of his column to ..."

4. Amateur Circus Life by Ernest Berkeley Balch, Ernest Berkeley Blach (1916)
"Jokes by end man. SONG. "Put on your old grey bonnet." Wm. Brown. ... Jokes by end man. FINALE. Entire Company. SECOND PART MONOLOGUE or STUMP speech. ..."

5. Railway Curves for Practical Trackmen by Frederick Augustus Smith (1906)
"To undo the wires it is best for one end man to attach ring to end pin and, ... This brings one end man 25 feet from gauge; the other end man will do the ..."

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