Definition of Environmentalism

1. Noun. The philosophical doctrine that environment is more important than heredity in determining intellectual growth.

2. Noun. The activity of protecting the environment from pollution or destruction.
Generic synonyms: Preservation, Saving
Derivative terms: Environmentalist

Definition of Environmentalism

1. Noun. A political and social ideology that seeks to prevent the environment from degradation by human activity. ¹

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Literary usage of Environmentalism

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The World's New Fissures: Identities in Crisis by Vincent Cable (1994)
"Other new ideas have entered the political mainstream - environmentalism; feminism - and could arguably also come to dominate. Indeed there have been times ..."

2. Frameworks for Sustainable Forests and Communities: American Community by Michael Hibbard, Matthew S. Carroll, Steven E. Daniels, Brett Kencairn, Paul Sommers (1995)
"In other words, environmentalism is what its current bearers say it is. ... One often hears from the critics of environmentalism that the movement is either ..."

3. In the Way of Development: Indigenous Peoples, Life Projects and Globalization by Mario Blaser, Harvey A. Feit, Glenn McRae (2004)
"Time is ripe to articulate what an environmentalism of the South might be. In an effort similar to mine, Laura Pulido articulates subaltern environmentalism ..."

4. Emerging Technologies and Ethical Issues in Engineering: Papers from a by National Academy of Engineering, National Academies (U.S.) (2004)
"In this respect, the language of environmentalism is like the language of Marxism. By speaking it, one is forced to accept its ethical and cultural content ..."

5. Tomorrow's Politics: The Third Way and Beyond by Ian Christie, Ian Hargreaves (1998)
"The key claims made here are these: • environmentalism has achieved a huge ... environmentalism can only break through by linking itself to a realistic ..."

6. Philosophy, Humanity and Ecology: Vol. 1: Philosophy of Nature edited by J. Odera Oruka (1996)
"As for the holistic version of misanthropic environmentalism, I have already published what I believe to be fatal criticism.14 The central problem here is ..."

7. Globalisation and the Environment: Perspectives from OECD and Dynamic Non by Chris Chung (1998)
"Second, I examine the socio-political impact of the emergence and development of different types of environmentalism. In the final part of the paper, ..."

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