Definition of Equine distemper

1. Noun. An acute bacterial disease of horses characterized by inflammation of the mucous membranes.

Exact synonyms: Strangles
Generic synonyms: Distemper

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Literary usage of Equine distemper

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association by American Veterinary Medical Association. (1916)
"... and in the pres- ent day most writers separate these infectious diseases from each other as well as from equine distemper or strangles. ..."

2. Bacteriology: General, Pathological and Intestinal by Arthur Isaac Kendall (1921)
"... which causes equine distemper or strangles. The udders of milch cattle occasionally become infected with streptococci resulting in a severe inflammation ..."

3. Catechism of the Principles of Veterinary Surgery by W[illy] E[dward] A[lexander]. Wyman (1905)
"... such as tuberculosis, glanders, actinomycosis, equine distemper, catarrhal states. 2. Malignant lymphoma. Describe the malignant lymphoma. ..."

4. The Agricultural Experiment Stations in the United States by Alfred Charles True, Vinton Albert Clark (1900)
"... equine distemper C.McCulloch. L. Phillips. Bulletin 91 Variety Tests of Strawberries WB Alwood and H. Bulletin 90 Blackleg Vaccine EP ..."

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