Definition of Equisetum fluviatile

1. Noun. Eurasia; northern North America to Virginia.

Exact synonyms: Swamp Horsetail, Water Horsetail
Generic synonyms: Horsetail

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Literary usage of Equisetum fluviatile

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Testimony of the Rocks: Or, Geology in Its Bearings on the Two by Hugh Miller (1857)
"... fronds of at least two species of chondrus, — the common carrageen, and the LYCOPODIUM CLAVATUM. Fi*. 8. equisetum fluviatile. smaller species, 0. ..."

2. The Plant World by Plant World Association, Wild Flower Preservation Society (U.S.) (1919)
"EXPERIMENTAL RESULTS General Outline of Experiments. (1) Water content of the soil. (a) Maximum and Minimum. (b) Wilting coefficient of equisetum fluviatile ..."

3. An Analysis of the British Ferns and Their Allies by George William Francis (1851)
"J, ditto of equisetum fluviatile. K, longitudinal section of ditto. L, sheath of Equisetum Drummondii. M, longitudinal section of stem of Equisetum limosum. ..."

4. Microscopic objects figured and described by John H. Martin (1870)
"The capsules are borne on the fertile fronds in clusters, placed upon stalks. Fig. 80.—Spores of an Equisetum (equisetum fluviatile), xl20. ..."

5. Hand-book of Chemistry by Leopold Gmelin, Henry Watts (1853)
"272) considers the acid of equisetum fluviatile as identical, ... The recently expressed and filtered juice of equisetum fluviatile is evaporated to a syrup ..."

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