Definition of Erythrina caffra

1. Noun. Small semi-evergreen broad-spreading tree of eastern South Africa with orange-scarlet flowers and small coral-red seeds; yields a light soft wood used for fence posts or shingles.

Exact synonyms: Cape Kafferboom, Kaffir Boom
Generic synonyms: Coral Tree, Erythrina

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Literary usage of Erythrina caffra

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Annals of Botany (1901)
"439. ERRERA, L.—On the cause of physiological action at a distance, vi. 373. erythrina caffra, pollination (*), iv. 267. indica, pollination, iv. ..."

2. Darwinism: An Exposition of the Theory of Natural Selection, with Some of by Alfred Russel Wallace (1890)
"... the ' Kaffir Boom ' (erythrina caffra); all day long the cheerful notes of these birds may be heard amongst its spreading branches, yet the general ..."

3. The Power of Movement in Plants by Charles Darwin, Francis Darwin (1900)
"erythrina caffra.—A filament was fixed transversely across a terminal leaflet, as we wished to observe its movements when asleep. ..."

4. Travels in the Interior of South Africa: Comprising Fifteen Years' Hunting by James Chapman (1868)
"... trees have large and showy flowers; the Kafir-boom (erythrina caffra) with its scarlet blossoms showing miles off in the bush, ..."

5. Plant-geography Upon a Physiological Basis by Andreas Franz Wilhelm Schimper (1903)
"Many of the Cape species of Erica are also adapted for pollination by birds, as well as many Leguminosae, such as erythrina caffra, which possibly has no ..."

6. Natal: A History and Description of the Colony : Including Its Natural by Henry Brooks (1876)
"... erythrina caffra) is very soft, light and porous, splits easily, and is used in some parts of the Cape Colony in the form of shingles for roofing. ..."

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