Definition of Eucarya

1. Noun. Quandong trees.

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Literary usage of Eucarya

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Life in the Universe: An Assessment of the U.S. and International Programs by Committee On The Origins And E, ebrary, Inc (2003)
"... Organisms: Proposal for the Domains Archaea, Bacteria and eucarya," Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 87: 4576-4579, 1990. ..."

2. Three Expeditions Into the Interior of Eastern Australia: With Descriptions by Thomas Livingstone Mitchell (1839)
"92 A new shrub, the eucarya Murrayana and young fruit . 100 The river Murray, and dispersion of natives, 27th May, 1830. (PI. 26. ..."

3. Between East and West: The Moluccas and the Traffic in Spices Up to the by R. A. Donkin (2003)
""Santalum, eucarya, and Mida." Bulletin of Miscellaneous Information: Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew 5: pp. 193-202. Sprengel, KPJ 1807-1808. ..."

4. Biotechnology for Water Use and Conservation: The Mexico '96 Workshop by OECD Staff, Zapata, Francisco BolĂ­var (1997)
"The universal Phylogenetic tree shows three main branches: eucarya, including plants, animals and protozoans; Bacteria, including Gram-negative and ..."

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